Sexual problems are very diverse. Disturbance can be started from the desire that is not lit, pain during intercourse, up to erection problems. Many of the disorders that can be fixed using medication and therapy. However, one of which was classified as sexual disorders challenging is addicted to sex! ....
Sex addiction (sexual addiction) are often considered not a problem for many people. In fact, for patients and their spouses, the disorder can be devastating. Not only damage the private lives of sufferers, but also the social environment, family, and especially people with a life partner.
According to experts, sexual addiction is sexual activity that has been customary to fit quite out of control. People with sex addiction and felt compelled to get to immerse themselves in sexual activity, although aware of all risks that may be encountered.
Sex can be addictive as alcohol and illicit drugs. When berkegiatan sex, the body releases a chemical compound that makes our bodies to be comfortable. Some people become addicted to remove these chemicals and become obsessed to get again and again and again, a sense of comfort that would arise.
As addiction to another, the more your body used to the release of these chemical compounds. Body addicts need more and more numbers, more and more, and more and more, which means nge-sex felt the need to continue, there is never satisfied.
Among the fulfillment of sexual needs and high chemical compound, emerged triumphant. It is often identified with the feelings of shame, regret, suffering, pleading, and nervous. People with addiction can feel remote, isolated, and powerless to change his behavior. Well, along with continued turning the endless loop it, people with addictions continue to get sex in an attempt to escape the feeling that handcuff.
According to conservative estimates, 3 to 6 percent of the population suffering from addiction to sex and 20 percent of whom are women. They come from various walks of life. However, the rate of three to six percent is estimated to be too low from the actual number of sufferers.
Since the opening of the Internet with a variety of cheap sexual services without having to open identity enthusiasts, experts can only know that people with sex addiction that rose sharply without knowing their exact identity. With the limited rescue service for patients, experts believe the number of people with sex addiction that will continue to rise.

Characteristics of Sex Addiction
Then, as if the signs of those who suffer from sex addiction? Dr Patrick Carnes of a professional therapist sexual problems suggests the existence of 10 possible signs that need to be aware of:
1. Feel that your sexual behavior is not restrained.
2. Aware could arise due to the severe if you continue with that behavior.
3. Feeling unable to stop the behavior you even aware of the consequences.
4. Stay hunt destructive sex activity and / or high-risk.
5. Keep hoping to stop or control what you do and act actively to limit the dangerous activity you do.
6. Using sexual fantasies as a way to cope with difficult feelings or situations.
7. Need nge-sex constantly to always feel good.
8. Suffer from a feeling that continues to flare up around sexual activity.
9. Spend plenty of time to plan, conduct, or regret and do more sexual activity.
10. Ignoring social activities, the activities office, and recreational activities are important for the sake of sex.
If you see any one of the signs above are contained in your behavior, the most important steps that can be done is to recognize that sexual addiction is a real problem and can not go away or it will disappear by itself. You must choose the attitude personally responsible for the recovery of disorder that could be you are experiencing.
Generally people with sexual problems are found it difficult to change their own behavior. However, at least little by little you should be able to minimize the behavior as described in the above signs of the coming cycle although sometimes the urge to do anything too strong to be resisted. A professional therapist can help you to understand what really happened and encourage you to take steps to change towards the sexual lifestyle that is healthier.
Conversely, if you suspect that your spouse is a patient addicted to sex, you should have helped to change the behavior. Mental attitude you need to prepare for yourself is, nobody will recover from addiction but to accept that they have a disorder and want to change. Because of that, help strengthen the resolve of your partner who is addicted to the stronger willingness to make changes.
It's messy, painful, and confusing a couple who are addicted to sex. If in Western societies, even the available help for those who have a spouse sex addict. Help can be personal as well as in the form of companion group (support group).
Forms of addiction and consequences
Sex addiction can show various forms, but generally recognized from behavior that feels out of control. This behavior includes:

* Spending a lot of time to enjoy the products of pornography
* Masturbation unbridled
* Ekshibisionisme (exposing genitals to others)
* Voyeurism (force others to have sex)
* Fetishes (excessive veneration towards sex)
* High-risk Sex
* Prostitution
* Phone sex and sex via the Internet-nge
* Infidelity
* Having sex with a new partner when it is known
According to Dr Carne, the survey revealed a result of the behavior of sex addiction, among others:

* 70 percent suffered severe interference with her life partner
* 40 percent loss of spouse
* 27 percent of lost opportunities in career
* 40 percent experienced unwanted pregnancies
* 72 percent obsessed suicidal
* 17 percent of attempted suicide
* 68 percent of sexually transmitted disease.
Is there among you? beware! ....