Penah share stories about the beauty of this country and want the foreigners can also enjoy the beauty of Indonesia?Ever met anyone who was curious non Indonesia Indonesia and would like to ask a lot about our beloved country of natural beauty, culture and others?
Recently too many Indonesian people to feel the heat because of news about our culture that is claimed to have seen people or foreigners who are afraid to come to Indonesia? Ah it's my mixed feelings about the story and make a fuss about the theft of culture and image of Indonesia
Finally I began to see Indonesia from another point of view after the "fuck off" to the country. I can look at Indonesia from the perspective of foreigners, a third person perspective.
It was a waste of time energy theft of cultural noise, although I was surprised too see this problem in a thread in the Lonely Planet discussion forum, and some even say that our neighboring country India is Truly, Truly China, Indonesia Truly. It turned out that many foreigners who know enough of this problem.
Almost all the comments on the Thorn Tree foreign backpacker positive about Indonesia even some who said, "if you say you have been to Indonesia, but what part of Indonesia?" I totally agree with her opinion that Indonesia is so diverse with culture and a very different nature . Imagine if in some places in Indonesia such as Lombok, natural look dry, barren and different from the rain forest in Ujung Kulon area for example.
Feel more beautiful when we respond to all the debate about Indonesia with a cool head, that I myself chose wholeheartedly share the beauty of our beloved country Indonesia to foreigners. That's all I can do this while sharing stories about Indonesia's natural beauty and interesting culture of Indonesia to foreigners (non-Indonesia) that we can meet physically or in cyberspace,
I still remember the story I shared about the beauty of Pulau Weh Sabang and in one hostel to the people of Ireland are eager to listen to my experience, a simple story that turned out to arouse her
One time I share info about the beauty of living in Bali to an Italian who missed the surf in a tropical paradise. Her eyes sparkled when I told him about Bali.
In one occasion, a Belgian asked about the Ujung Kulon, my answer other than tell you about this wonderful place, wonderful underwater there, enjoying a canoe ride there, I closed with the phrase, "Highly recommended"But there is one interesting experience when I tell you about the beauty of Indonesia, especially Java, the Javanese of Suriname in the Netherlands. He had never set foot in Indonesia and he told me one time he visited, the visit will feel emotional for him.
Food in Indonesia could also be a single source of endless tours with a wide visual food from traditional food, Chinese cuisine, India, Asia to Europe is easy to find. I've explained to friends about the meaning rijstafel Dutch in Indonesia until the end I explain the culinary wealth in Indonesia is very diverse because of the hundreds of ethnic groups in Indonesia. Foodstuffs in Indonesia are generally fresh or alive, my unforgettable experience was when I ate lobster size costs 25 thousand dollars in the Gulf Kiluan Lampung. A friend from Portugal also confirmed delicious meal of grilled fish in Indonesia is also cheap. Imagine it is just one of so many culinary wealth in Indonesia.
Of natural beauty, imagine if we wandered far away into the country, of course, we want to see the beauty of the country, but in Indonesia it was difficult to rely on the government. In other countries abundant tourist information facilities, but in Indonesia? I think we need to have the spirit to share.
Why not start sharing the beauty of our country? I myself did not rule out any tourist who had a bad experience, especially if a critical look at tourists, and may not be the tourists wandering nature lover. One Dutch couple never talked about why they chose to go to Malaysia and Thailand because there are direct flights to get there and think they are not too turistik like Bali. As usual I mengompori them to come to Indonesia. I also never found a foreigner who writes bacpacker Indonesian tourist trap on the website as well as things that should be avoided, but he also wrote about non turistik place that must be visited in Indonesia(Http://
Constrained language? Even so, why not try? I'm sure sometimes the language is not a major obstacle, because the images and will still be also tell a lot not only about nature but also about the culture of our beloved country.
Unfortunately, many Indonesian people do not know about the beauty and elegance own country, many who are confused about what shows. It is too beautiful to enjoy themselves. Just a side note, sometimes if you want to get a comprehensive info better way we see the Indonesian edition of Lonely Planet who obviously written by a stranger.
Final word will taste better if we get to know the beauty of their own country and was finally able to share to others about the beauty of this country.

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